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Be our gest

Be our gest

Queen Arete appears in the Homeric epic poem of the Odyssey, as the king of the Phaeacians, Alcinous' wife and mother of princess Nausicaa. The Homeric hero Odysseus meets Arete on his way back to his distant destination. She, known for her kindness and hospitality, welcomes him warmly and hosts him offering him safety, care and royal comforts.

The completely renovated and under new management Ariti Seaside Residence combines minimalist decoration with traditional Cycladic architecture, elegantly designed spaces and state-of-the-art amenities.

The cosmopolitan center of Naoussa, with an impressive range of premium boutiques and high qualified restaurants, is just 150 meters from our rooms.

Create memories

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Discover the hidden beauties of the island on horseback. A ride from the sandy beaches galloping along the sea-shore is an adventure worth experiencing.
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Paros has always been a must-visit destination for lovers of water sports and especially windsurfing. The weather conditions on the island are ideal.
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Discover the colorful seabed, explore forgotten shipwrecks, admire underwater caves and beautiful reefs.