Live your myth in Paros

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Discover the hidden beauties of the island on horseback. A ride from the sandy beaches galloping along the shore is an adventure worth experiencing.
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Paros has always been a must-visit destination for lovers of water sports and especially windsurfing. The weather conditions on the island are ideal.
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Discover the colorful seabed, explore forgotten shipwrecks, admire underwater caves and beautiful reefs.

Paros, just in the heart of the Cyclades, known as one of the most popular islands in Greece, offers a unique combination of many different features.

Beautiful beaches, historical sights, quiet settlements, endless entertainment and a sophisticated atmosphere make up the perfect setting for a unique Greek experience.

Naoussa, the second largest village, with the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades complex, located on the north coast of the island, maintains the beauty of a cosmopolitan resort.

Naoussa was formed around the port of the same name during the Byzantine period. It was fortified with a wall that ended in a Venetian bastion (Kastelli), parts of which are preserved to this day and are places of great historical and archaeological interest.
Wandering through Naoussa one discovers a network of narrow streets, whitewashed and bright, in accordance with the traditional Cycladic style, which showcase the island's culture and harmoniously combine its stately and glorious past with the modern present.


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Paros is a summer destination for all tastes, combining Cycladic elegance with an incredible variety of relaxation and entertainment options, such as kite-surfing or getting to know the island's villages. The same applies to the beaches, whatever style of vacation one prefers, in Paros he will find a beach that suits him.


Paros, the most authentic Cycladic island, has both a long history of 4000 years and a variety of attractions. Civilizations such as the Ionians, the Aeolians, the Venetians and the Byzantines, among others, left their footprints during their passage, thus sculpting the cultural identity of an island, leaving it with a rich cultural heritage. The Castle of Parikia, the Mycenaean Acropolis, the Ancient Quarries, the Archaeological Museum and of course the historical church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani are some of the attractions of the island, which will surely enchant you.


Here tradition and home cooking meets modern gastronomy, offering the visitor a diverse choice for food throughout the day. From the always charming port of Naoussa to the turquoise beach of Aliki, and from the stately Parikia to the authentic villages of the island, Paros has a wide culinary map, offering unforgettable tastes and smells.


The nightlife of Paros is the driving factor for the largest part of its visitors, when they plan their summer holidays. A place with absolute fun, which never stops, offers a great range of quiet bars with a view on the sea, bars full of people and loud music, as well as big clubs of urban standards.