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Exclusive experiences to elevate your stay

Besides staying in a unique space, the priority of Ariti Seaside Residence is, from the moment the guest disembarks until the moment they leave, to enjoy different experiences every day, without the stress of organizing them.

The Ariti Seaside Residence family makes sure that the visitor leaves full of memories and sensations of the island and above all the feeling of his immediate return to it.

From his planned visit to an organized beach, to his dinner in one of the many refined places of Paros, and from his transportation to any point on the island, to the rental of the vehicle of his choice.

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Enjoy your travels on the island, choosing the transfer services offered by Ariti Seaside Residence, to and from the place of arrival/departure as well as to any other place you choose. Contact us to organize any kind of shuttle.

Rent a Car

The escape to Paros could not be complete without a tour of the island's treasures. For this reason, Ariti Seaside Residence offers you an optional vehicle rental service. Contact us for any relevant information.

Daily Cruises,Excursions

Paros, having a privileged position in the center of the Aegean, is an ideal base for day trips to nearby islands. Antiparos, Koufonisia, Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, are just a breath away from it. Choose to visit magical places, enjoying luxury and pampering on a private boat. Contact us to plan this unique experience.